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CMake: Re-work documentation targets
The top-level prepare_docs target is supposed to run before the generate_docs target. The repository-level targets like prepare_docs_qtbase now also run before their respective generate targets. To achieve that, several intermediate targets had to be introduced. The dependencies for top-level generate_docs look like this: /--> generate_top_level_docs_Core --\ generate_docs ---> generate_top_level_docs_Gui -----> prepare_docs \--> ... --/ The dependencies for repo-level generate_docs_<repo> look like this: /--> generate_repo_docs_Core generate_docs_qtbase ---> generate_repo_docs_Gui \--> ... generate_repo_docs_Core --\ generate_repo_docs_Gui -----> prepare_docs_qtbase ... --/ Analoguous for qch_docs. And last but not least, the module-level generate_docs_<module> depends on prepare_docs_<module>, just like before. The strangely named top-level install targets have been renamed to install_html_docs, install_qch_docs and install_docs. The html_docs target is now merely an alias for generate_docs. Apart from prepare_docs, the top-level targets do not depend on the repository-level targets anymore. Targets that are just an alias (docs, install_docs, ...) have been re-defined to depend just on the respective top-level targets. Fixes: QTBUG-87758 Change-Id: I24466d3a252d518a30a2064bf876be881c46231f Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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