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testlib: Report one test result per benchmark test.
Prior to this commit, a benchmark test could report 0..n passes and 0..m fails or skips, where n is the number of accumulation iterations used to collect benchmark data and m is the number of times the test function was invoked. Depending on the type of benchmark measurer being used, this could result in a very large volume of test output and inconsistent pass, fail and skip counts between test runs. This commit changes the behaviour so that each benchmark test reports one pass, fail or skip, regardless of the number of iterations used to collect benchmark data. This commit also prevents benchmark data being reported in the test output if the benchmark test failed or skipped, as any benchmark data is of dubious value in such cases. The latter change in behaviour requires a minor modification to the badxml selftest, which now tests quoting of literal strings in xml test output for both passing and failing benchmarks. Finally, this commit also adds a new selftest specifically for verifying correct behaviour for benchmarks that fail or skip. Task-number: QTBUG-24313 Change-Id: I3426dc659a7511b62fd183a031c7235bc753f497 Reviewed-by: Rohan McGovern <>
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