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Reanimate test gui/kernel/qtouchevent/tst_qtouchevent.
Add CONFIG += testcase to the .pro file which was missing. The test thus was never executed by make check and left to rot. Fix up code: - Remove module includes. - Introduce explicit constructors taking parent object for helper classes, removing calls to setParent(). - Ensure test does not leak objects by converting pointers to stack variables or introducing QScopedPointer, verify by checking for an empty window list in cleanup(). - Simplify code by removing unneeded variables. - Split up conditions in QVERIFY(). Fix tests: - Show windows were required when events are sent to QWidget::windowHandle(). - Invert the conditions checking whether touch events are accepted by widgets since widgets no longer accept them by defaults in Qt 5 after e50416066cab4be7df8382bd224d9e4ddd7a903a. - XFAIL multiPointRawEventTranslationOnTouchPad() which started to fail at some point in Qt 5. - Mark as insignificant on OS X due to crash. Task-number: QTBUG-46266 Change-Id: I6676d021afb015411a24d97d9b8f7c327d4d3c3f Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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+CONFIG += testcase
+osx: CONFIG += insignificant_test # QTBUG-46266, crashes
QT += testlib widgets gui-private