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Add support for BB10 input method framework
Added input method support for the BB10 variant of Qt to the extent possible using standard Qt APIs. This adds support for text predictions and entry of languages such as Chinese. Change in interface to QQnxAbstractVirtualKeyboard was made because it is felt the new one is slightly nicer. It doesn't appear safe to assume the focus object has a particular property and in fact in my tests the code failed to work. In some cases the code uses variable and function naming at odds with normal Qt coding standards. This has been done for functions called and data provided by the BB10 input system as for those of us who need to maintain such things, it makes their meaning considerably clearer. While qqnxinputcontext_imf.cpp was used as an initial base for development one can consider the new version as largely new code. I don't believe the original version was ever complete and in any event would not compile. Change-Id: I09470801ffa237cee67da40c0b3d02ed5c77531e Reviewed-by: Rafael Roquetto <>
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