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Q{File,FileInfo,Dir}: add std::filesystem::path overloads
Add some overloads where (I thought) it makes sense for QDir and QFile to accept std::filesystem::path objects. Currently my thinking is to not add overloads for static functions where std::filesystem can already do the same job, e.g. create directory or file. Template and enable_if is needed due to both QString and std::filesystem::path being able to be constructed from string literals. The common shared code is currently in QFile because QDir had an implicit include of QFile, made explicit in this patch, and QFileInfo has an include to QFile as well. The QT_HAS_STD_FILESYSTEM macro is visible in user-code which I currently take advantage of in the tests, and users could too. Change-Id: I8d05d3c34c6c17e20972a6a2053862b8891d6c3c Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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