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testlib: start sharing common helper functions
... by moving them in QTestPrivate namespace (qtesthelpers_p.h). This header file is a convenient staging area for helper APIs, eventually some could be moved to public QTest API. This header file utilizes the same pattern as other qtestlib header files - wrapping functions with QT_${LIBNAME}_LIB to automatically enable certain APIs based on what is in the projects dependencies, e.g. QT += widgets. Change-Id: Ic0266429939c1f3788912ad8b84fc6e0d5edd68b Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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CONFIG += testcase
TARGET = tst_qmenubar
-QT += widgets testlib
+QT += widgets testlib testlib-private
SOURCES += tst_qmenubar.cpp
macos: {