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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.7' into dev
Conflicts: qmake/library/qmakebuiltins.cpp qmake/library/qmakeevaluator.cpp qmake/library/qmakeevaluator.h qmake/project.h QMakeEvaluator: * evaluateConditional(): one side changed return type, the other changed a parameter type. * split_value_list(): one side changed a parameter adjacent to where ... * expandVariableReferences(): ... the other killed one overload and changed the survivor src/corelib/io/qlockfile_unix.cpp One side changed a #if condition, the other moved NETBSD's part of what it controlled. src/corelib/tools/qdatetime.cpp One side fixed a reachable Q_UNREACHABLE in toMSecsSinceEpoch(), the other moved it from the private class to the public one, in the midst of the "short date-time" optimization, which confused diff entirely. One side changed a QStringLiteral to QLatin1String, the other rewrote adjoining code. src/network/kernel/qauthenticator.cpp Both rewrote a line, equivalently; kept the dev version. src/platformsupport/fontdatabases/mac/ src/platformsupport/fontdatabases/mac/qfontengine_coretext_p.h One side changed #if-ery that the other removed. tools/configure/configureapp.cpp One side added a check to -target parsing; the other killed -target. tests/auto/testlib/selftests/expected_cmptest.lightxml tests/auto/testlib/selftests/expected_cmptest.teamcity tests/auto/testlib/selftests/expected_cmptest.txt tests/auto/testlib/selftests/expected_cmptest.xml tests/auto/testlib/selftests/expected_cmptest.xunitxml Regenerated using I note that quite a few other expected_* come out changed, now. There was no git-conflict in src/widgets/kernel/qformlayout.cpp but it didn't compile; one side removed some unused methods; the other found uses for one of them. Put FixedColumnMatrix<>::removeRow(int) back for its new user. Change-Id: I8cc2a71add48c0a848e13cfc47b5a7754e8ca584
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diff --git a/tests/auto/widgets/widgets/qcombobox/tst_qcombobox.cpp b/tests/auto/widgets/widgets/qcombobox/tst_qcombobox.cpp
index 1ae33ef7a1..816fe1faba 100644
--- a/tests/auto/widgets/widgets/qcombobox/tst_qcombobox.cpp
+++ b/tests/auto/widgets/widgets/qcombobox/tst_qcombobox.cpp
@@ -153,6 +153,7 @@ private slots:
void itemData();
void task_QTBUG_31146_popupCompletion();
void task_QTBUG_41288_completerChangesCurrentIndex();
+ void task_QTBUG_54191_slotOnEditTextChangedSetsComboBoxToReadOnly();
void keyboardSelection();
void setCustomModelAndView();
void updateDelegateOnEditableChange();
@@ -3111,6 +3112,30 @@ void tst_QComboBox::task_QTBUG_41288_completerChangesCurrentIndex()
+namespace {
+ struct SetReadOnly {
+ QComboBox *cb;
+ explicit SetReadOnly(QComboBox *cb) : cb(cb) {}
+ void operator()() const
+ { cb->setEditable(false); }
+ };
+void tst_QComboBox::task_QTBUG_54191_slotOnEditTextChangedSetsComboBoxToReadOnly()
+ QComboBox cb;
+ cb.addItems(QStringList() << "one" << "two");
+ cb.setEditable(true);
+ cb.setCurrentIndex(0);
+ connect(&cb, &QComboBox::editTextChanged,
+ SetReadOnly(&cb));
+ cb.setCurrentIndex(1);
+ // the real test is that it didn't crash...
+ QCOMPARE(cb.currentIndex(), 1);
void tst_QComboBox::keyboardSelection()
QComboBox comboBox;