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authorBradley T. Hughes <>2011-08-31 14:23:42 +0200
committerQt by Nokia <>2011-09-02 14:11:41 +0200
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Remove the build-key from the plugin verification data
The build-key is an old mechanism to work around binary incompatibilities in GCC 3.x versions. Modern GCC has not broken binary compatibility since 3.4, making this mechanism obsolete. The cache value stored now only includes Qt version, the debug/release boolean, and the last modified time for the plugin. Old 4-value keys will be replaced with new keys as the plugins are reloaded the first time. This also removes QLibraryInfo::buildKey(), which is a source-incompatible change. The UNIX and Windows configure tools have been updated to stop outputting the QT_BUILD_KEY preprocessor directive. See also: Change-Id: I7d06969a370d3d2c6de413c1230d9d6789cbf195 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Qt Sanity Bot <> Reviewed-by: Bradley T. Hughes <>
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diff --git a/tests/baselineserver/shared/baselineprotocol.h b/tests/baselineserver/shared/baselineprotocol.h
index 0b08e444fd..cc501e1d53 100644
--- a/tests/baselineserver/shared/baselineprotocol.h
+++ b/tests/baselineserver/shared/baselineprotocol.h
@@ -61,7 +61,6 @@ extern const QString PI_HostAddress;
extern const QString PI_OSName;
extern const QString PI_OSVersion;
extern const QString PI_QtVersion;
-extern const QString PI_BuildKey;
extern const QString PI_GitCommit;
extern const QString PI_QMakeSpec;
extern const QString PI_PulseGitBranch;