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configure: Add sanitizer "fuzzer-no-link"
Adds instrumentation for fuzzing to the binaries but links to the usual main function instead of a fuzzer's. The similar sanitizer "fuzzer" should then be used only for building the test itself. Requires clang 6 or higher. Change-Id: I24ee1f018b0b97f2977dc86fbdc29a164d7c4e01 Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ To run a test with libFuzzer:
install libFuzzer for this version of clang explicitly.
2. Make sure clang and clang++ from this version of clang are found in PATH.
3. Configure Qt with
+ -platform linux-clang -sanitize fuzzer-no-link
+ or, if you are using clang 5
-platform linux-clang -coverage trace-pc-guard
to add the needed code coverage instrumentation. Since speed of execution is crucial for fuzz
testing, it's recommendable to also use the switches