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Introduce QWidget::setScreen
Follows the QWindow semantics, and is a replacement for creating a QWidget with a QDesktopScreenWidget as the parent. We can now remove much of the special handling of QDesktopWidget and the Qt::Desktop window type, and get rid of QDesktopScreenWidget. Add a manual test that allows local testing. Our CI environments only have a single screen, and no multi-head display server setup which is the primary case where QWidget::setScreen is interesting. For the more common case of a virtual desktop, QWidget::setScreen has no real impact (just as QWindow::setScreen doesn't). Change-Id: Id0099e069d316741bacd8c795c396ccad37be297 Fixes: QTBUG-85483 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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TEMPLATE = subdirs
-SUBDIRS = qtooltip sizeonhide layoutreplace
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