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Use file mapping in moc.
The change reduces heap allocations by using file mapping instead of reading a whole file into memory just to create a slightly modified copy of it. For this small test case: moc <<EOF class X : public QObject { Q_OBJECT Q_PROPERTY(int x) }; EOF massif shows improvement from: peak cost: "26,8 KB" heap "2,1 KB" heap extra "0 B" stacks to: peak cost: "11,3 KB" heap "2,2 KB" heap extra "0 B" stacks In general, depending on source file high peak memory usage is reduced from few to few hundreds KB, especially that the allocation used to happen for each include file too. Change-Id: I9c1c848be848444156af25a991b67161fb9d8b29 Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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