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Fix sporadic hang in QLocalServer::close() in OS X 10.7
There is a bug in CFSocket/CFRunLoopSource in OS X 10.7 which can lead to a deadlock in CFRunLoopRemoveSource or CFRunLoopSourceInvalidate if the CFSocket manager thread is concurrently calling CFSocketInvalidate as a result of the socket's file descriptor having been closed. QLocalServer::close() triggers this race by closing the socket fd before unregistering the QSocketNotifier, which internally uses CFSocket. This commit fixes the problem by changing the ordering in close() so that the socket notifier is disabled before closing the file descriptor. This change also makes QLocalServer::close() perform operations in reverse order to QLocalServer::listen(), as would be expected. Task-number: QTBUG-22789 Merge-request: 1470 Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <> (cherry picked from commit a9c3f7169faf4621d39714f753d6e8b376c5d6e5) Change-Id: Ia9c3f7169faf4621d39714f753d6e8b376c5d6e5
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