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Purge two old time-zone lookup fallbacks
We used to need to consult /etc/timezone for the zone name back when Debian, up to Jessie, used a copy of the zoneinfo file as /etc/localtime, instead of a symlink. Jessie's end of life is this May, but Thiago reports that its gcc can't build Qt 5.14, so we may as well remove this fall-back. Newer versions of Debian use a symlink. We used to need to consult /etc/sysconfig/clock for this information back when ancient Red Hat distros copied zoneinfo to /etc/localtime instead of symlinking, but Thiago believes that's now ancient history. So, again, remove this old fallback. Change-Id: I73cb40b926186b311dac6f00fe8743d37a9dfce5 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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