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Blackberry: Fix QCoreApplication::applicationFilePath() performance.
Listing all files with QDir is slow. Instead, use argv[0] for zygotized apps and _cmdname() for non-zygotized. Apps run through the terminal will fall in the zygotized case, which is ok. Note about zygotized apps: Zygotized apps don't have an executable, they live in a shared object file. These apps are run through a deamon that forks and dlopens() the shared object ( for performance reasons ). For this reason we can't use _cmdname(), since it just contains the the file path of the daemon. On the other hand, non-zygotized apps have a bogus argv[0] when run through the navigator ( command line is fine ). Change-Id: I9953e8fa05c9fb11c33b3a38ebab00fe33ba4c44 Reviewed-by: Kevin Krammer <> Reviewed-by: Thomas McGuire <>
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