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authorFrederik Gladhorn <>2013-01-18 16:36:42 +0100
committerThe Qt Project <>2013-01-23 10:56:34 +0100
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Disable only accessibility bridge without dbus on linux
Keeping accessibility and only disabling the bridge will enable more builds to work. Warning about disabling accessibility disabled is needed because in QStyle it is used to discover semantics about widgets (if a toolbutton is in a toolbar). Change-Id: Iae4e6ab63479743bdd70cba4b1954ec7cf3f88e9 Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <>
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diff --git a/tools/configure/configureapp.cpp b/tools/configure/configureapp.cpp
index 81f575335f..5b8039c109 100644
--- a/tools/configure/configureapp.cpp
+++ b/tools/configure/configureapp.cpp
@@ -1650,8 +1650,12 @@ bool Configure::displayHelp()
desc("WIDGETS", "no", "-no-widgets", "Disable QtWidgets module.\n");
- desc("ACCESSIBILITY", "no", "-no-accessibility", "Do not compile Windows Active Accessibility support.");
- desc("ACCESSIBILITY", "yes", "-accessibility", "Compile Windows Active Accessibility support.\n");
+ desc("ACCESSIBILITY", "no", "-no-accessibility", "Disable accessibility support.\n");
+ desc( "", "Disabling accessibility is not recommended, as it will break QStyle\n"
+ "and may break other internal parts of Qt.\n"
+ "With this switch you create a source incompatible version of Qt,\n"
+ "which is unsupported.\n");
+ desc("ACCESSIBILITY", "yes", "-accessibility", "Enable accessibility support.\n");
desc( "-no-sql-<driver>", "Disable SQL <driver> entirely, by default none are turned on.");
desc( "-qt-sql-<driver>", "Enable a SQL <driver> in the Qt Library.");