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Correct and expand documentation of splitLocale()
This amends c1141ed729b84f2c413975d37c1a91fb235fb14a; I failed to update the doc-string after some design changes part-way through developing the function. Change-Id: Ifb83107153d1c3b5a9dbd0536a3d6ee1fe32922d Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <>
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@@ -446,8 +446,10 @@ def integrateWeekData(filePath):
def splitLocale(name):
"""Split name into (language, script, territory) triple as generator.
- Ignores any trailing fields, leaves script or territory empty if
- unspecified, returns empty generator if no language found."""
+ Ignores any trailing fields (with a warning), leaves script (a capitalised
+ four-letter token) or territory (either a number or an all-uppercase token)
+ empty if unspecified, returns a single-entry generator if name is a single
+ tag (i.e. contains no underscores). Always yields 1 or 3 values, never 2."""
tags = iter(name.split('_'))
yield # Language
tag =