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Make QOpenGLTextureCache::bindTexture upload efficiently
Currently QOpenGLTextureCache::bindTexture always convert any uploaded image to RGBA8888 before uploading. This is quite inefficient when OpenGL natively supports uploading formats in the original format. This patch adds support for uploading a few native QImage formats. This also get the performance of QOpenGLTextureCache::bindTexture on par with QGLContext::bindTexture. The texture brush used by QOpenGLPaintEngine is also converted to QImage, since bindTexture will convert it to QImage anyway, and going over QPixmap may cause an unnecessary conversion. [ChangeLog][QtGui][QOpenGLTextureCache] Support uploading common QImage formats directly to OpenGL when supported. Change-Id: I828a763126441a98e4547c32ef52dddf7c129a32 Reviewed-by: Gunnar Sletta <>
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