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@@ -335,6 +335,16 @@ QtGui
information like capability flags, point-specific flags, velocity,
and raw positions.
+* A new set of enabler classes have been added, most importantly QWindow, QScreen,
+ QSurfaceFormat, and QOpenGLContext.
+* Most of the useful QtOpenGL classes have been polished and moved into
+ QtGui. See QOpenGLFramebufferObject, QOpenGLShaderProgram,
+ QOpenGLFunctions, etc.
+* QOpenGLPaintDevice has been added to be able to use QPainter to render into
+ the currently bound context.
* QInputContext removed as well as related getters and setters on QWidget and QApplication.
@@ -383,6 +393,11 @@ QtNetwork
+* Most of the classes in this module (with the notable exception of QGLWidget)
+ now have equivalents in QtGui, along with the naming change QGL -> QOpenGL.
+ The classes in QtOpenGL that have equivalents in QtGui can now be considered
+ deprecated.