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- \example xml/htmlinfo
- \title XML HTML Info Example
- The XML HTML Info example provides a simple command line utility that
- scans the current directory for HTML files and prints statistics about
- them to standard out.
- The files are parsed using a QXmlStreamReader object. If the file does
- not contain a well-formed XML document, a description of the error is
- printed to the standard error console.
- \section1 Basic Operation
- The main function of the example uses QDir to access files in the current
- directory that match either "*.htm" or "*.html". For each file found,
- the \c parseHtmlFile() function is called.
- Reading XML is handled by an instance of the QXmlStreamReader class, which
- operates on the input file object:
- \snippet examples/xml/htmlinfo/main.cpp 0
- The work of parsing and the XML and extracting statistics is done in a
- while loop, and is driven by input from the reader:
- \snippet examples/xml/htmlinfo/main.cpp 1
- If more input is available, the next token from the input file is read
- and parsed. The program then looks for the specific element types,
- "title", "a", and "p", and stores information about them.
- When there is no more input, the loop terminates. If an error occurred,
- information is written to the standard out file via a stream, and the
- example exits:
- \snippet examples/xml/htmlinfo/main.cpp 2
- If no error occurred, the example prints some statistics from the data
- gathered in the loop, and then exits.