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+<p>In this demo we show the various types of gradients that can
+be used in Qt.</p>
+<p>There are three types of gradients:
+ <li><b>Linear</b> gradients interpolate colors between start and end
+ points.</li>
+ <li><b>Radial</b> gradients interpolate colors between a focal point and the
+ points on a circle surrounding it.</li>
+ <li><b>Conical</b> gradients interpolate colors around a center point.</li>
+<p>The panel on the right contains a color table editor that defines
+the colors in the gradient. The three topmost controls determine the red,
+green and blue components while the last defines the alpha of the
+gradient. You can move points, and add new ones, by clicking with the left
+mouse button, and remove points by clicking with the right button.</p>
+<p>There are three default configurations available at the bottom of
+the page that are provided as suggestions on how a color table could be