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\section1 Overview
- In the \l{Custom Type Sending Example}, we showed how to use a custom type
- with signal-slot communication within the same thread.
+ In the \l{Custom Type Example}, we showed how to integrate custom types with
+ the meta-object system, enabling them to be stored in QVariant objects, written
+ out in debugging information and used in signal-slot communication.
In this example, we create a new value class, \c Block, and register it
with the meta-object system to enable us to send instances of it between
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meta-object system so that it can be used with signal-slot connections
between threads. For ordinary communication involving direct signals and
slots, it is enough to simply declare the type in the way described in the
- \l{Custom Type Sending Example}.
+ \l{Custom Type Example}.
In practice, both the Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() macro and the qRegisterMetaType()
template function can be used to register custom types, but