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+ \example hellovulkantriangle
+ \ingroup examples-vulkan
+ \title Hello Vulkan Triangle Example
+ \brief Shows the basics of rendering with QVulkanWindow and the Vulkan API
+ The \e{Hello Vulkan Triangle Example} builds on \l hellovulkanwindow. This
+ time a full graphics pipeline is created, including a vertex and fragment
+ shader. This pipeline is then used to render a triangle.
+ \image hellovulkantriangle.png
+ The example also demonstrates multisample antialiasing. Based on the
+ supported sample counts reported by QVulkanWindow::supportedSampleCounts()
+ the example chooses between 8x, 4x, or no multisampling. Once configured
+ via QVulkanWindow::setSamples(), QVulkanWindow takes care of the rest: the
+ additional multisample color buffers are created automatically, and
+ resolving into the swapchain buffers is performed at the end of the default
+ render pass for each frame.
+ \include examples-run.qdocinc