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Although the program is just an example, if you press \uicontrol Finish
- (\uicontrol Done on Mac OS X), actual C++ source files will actually be
+ (\uicontrol Done on OS X), actual C++ source files will actually be
\section1 The ClassWizard Class
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layouts. The \c className field is created with an asterisk (\c
*) next to its name. This makes it a \l{mandatory fields}{mandatory field}, that
is, a field that must be filled before the user can press the
- \uicontrol Next button (\uicontrol Continue on Mac OS X). The fields' values
+ \uicontrol Next button (\uicontrol Continue on OS X). The fields' values
can be accessed from any other page using QWizardPage::field(),
or from the wizard code using QWizard::field().