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\li Value
\li Description
- \li no_check_exists
+ \li no_check_exist
\li If not set, qmake looks to see if the files to install actually
exist. If these files don't exist, qmake doesn’t create the
install rule. Use this config value if you need to install
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\li The exit code of the test will be ignored during \c{make check}.
- Testcases will often be written with \l{QTest} or \l{TestCase}, but
+ Test cases will often be written with \l{QTest} or \l[QML]{TestCase}, but
that is not a requirement to make use of \c{CONFIG+=testcase} and \c{make check}.
The only primary requirement is that the test program exit with a zero exit code
on success, and a non-zero exit code on failure.