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+DejaVu fonts 2.12 (c)2004-2006 DejaVu fonts team
+The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts
+( Its purpose is to provide a wider range of
+characters (see status.txt for more information) while maintaining the
+original look and feel.
+DejaVu fonts are based on Bitstream Vera fonts version 1.10.
+Available fonts (Sans = sans serif, Mono = monospaced):
+DejaVu Sans Mono
+DejaVu Sans Mono Bold
+DejaVu Sans Mono Bold Oblique
+DejaVu Sans Mono Oblique
+DejaVu Sans
+DejaVu Sans Bold
+DejaVu Sans Bold Oblique
+DejaVu Sans Oblique
+DejaVu Sans ExtraLight (experimental)
+DejaVu Serif
+DejaVu Serif Bold
+DejaVu Serif Bold Oblique (experimental)
+DejaVu Serif Oblique (experimental)
+DejaVu Sans Condensed (experimental)
+DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold (experimental)
+DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold Oblique (experimental)
+DejaVu Sans Condensed Oblique (experimental)
+DejaVu Serif Condensed (experimental)
+DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold (experimental)
+DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold Oblique (experimental)
+DejaVu Serif Condensed Oblique (experimental)
+All fonts are also available as derivative called DejaVu LGC with support
+only for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts.
+For license information see LICENSE. What's new is described in NEWS. Known
+bugs are in BUGS. All authors are mentioned in AUTHORS.
+Fonts are published in source form as SFD files (Spline Font Database from
+FontForge - and in compiled form as TTF files
+(TrueType fonts).
+For more information go to
+Characters from Arev fonts, Copyright (c) 2006 by Tavmjong Bah:
+U+01ba, U+01bf, U+01f7, U+021c, U+021d, U+0220, U+0222, U+0223,
+U+02b9, U+02ba, U+02bd, U+02c2, U+02c3, U+02c4, U+02c5, U+02d4,
+U+02d5, U+02d7, U+02ec, U+02ed, U+02ee, U+0346-034e, U+0360, U+0362,
+U+03e2-03ef, U+0460-0463, U+0466-0486, U+0488-0489, U+04a8-04a9,
+U+0500-050f, U+2055-205e, U+20B0, U+20B2-20B3, U+2102, U+210D, U+210f,
+U+2111, U+2113, U+2115, U+2118-U+211A, U+211c-211d, U+2124,U+2135,
+U+213C-U+2140, U+2295-2298, U+2308-230b, U+26A2-U+26B1, U+2701-2704,
+U+2706-2709, U+270c-274b, U+2758-275a, U+2761-2775, U+2780-2794,
+U+2798-27af, U+27b1-27be, U+fb05-fb06
+$Id: README 1288 2006-11-19 14:22:52Z ben_laenen $