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-The variety of encodings that accompanies pcf fonts appears to encompass the
-small set defined in freetype.h. On the other hand, each pcf font defines
-two properties that specify encoding and registry.
+Use `FT_Get_BDF_Charset_ID' to access the encoding and registry.
-I decided to make these two properties directly accessible, leaving to the
-client application the work of interpreting them. For instance:
- #include "pcftypes.h" /* include/freetype/internal/pcftypes.h */
- FT_Face face;
- PCF_Public_Face pcfface;
- FT_New_Face( library,..., &face );
- pcfface = (PCF_Public_Face)face;
- if ((pcfface->charset_registry == "ISO10646") &&
- (pcfface->charset_encoding) == "1")) [..]
-Thus the driver always export `ft_encoding_none' as
-face->charmap.encoding. FT_Get_Char_Index() behavior is unmodified, that
-is, it converts the ULong value given as argument into the corresponding
-glyph number.
+The driver always exports `ft_encoding_none' as face->charmap.encoding.
+FT_Get_Char_Index() behavior is unmodified, that is, it converts the ULong
+value given as argument into the corresponding glyph number.
Known problems