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+This program expects a set of directories containing good fonts, and a set
+of extensions of fonts to be tested. It will randomly pick a font, copy it,
+introduce and error and then test it.
+The FreeType tests are quite basic:
+ For each erroneous font it
+ forks off a new tester;
+ initializes the library;
+ opens each font in the file;
+ loads each glyph;
+ (optionally reviewing the contours of the glyph)
+ (optionally rasterizing)
+ closes the face.
+If the tester exits with a signal, or takes longer than 20 seconds then
+ftrandom saves the erroneous font and continues. If the tester exits
+normally or with an error, then the superstructure removes the test font and
+Arguments are:
+ --all Test every font in the directory(ies) no matter
+ what its extension (some CID-keyed fonts have no
+ extension).
+ --check-outlines Call FT_Outline_Decompose on each glyph.
+ --dir <dir> Append <dir> to the list of directories to search
+ for good fonts.
+ --error-count <cnt> Introduce <cnt> single-byte errors into the
+ erroneous fonts.
+ --error-fraction <frac> Multiply the file size of the font by <frac> and
+ introduce that many errors into the erroneous
+ font file.
+ --ext <ext> Add <ext> to the set of font types tested. Known
+ extensions are `ttf', `otf', `ttc', `cid', `pfb',
+ `pfa', `bdf', `pcf', `pfr', `fon', `otb', and
+ `cff'.
+ --help Print out this list of options.
+ --nohints Specify FT_LOAD_NO_HINTING when loading glyphs.
+ --rasterize Call FT_Render_Glyph as well as loading it.
+ --result <dir> This is the directory in which test files are
+ placed.
+ --test <file> Run a single test on a pre-generated testcase.
+ Done in the current process so it can be debugged
+ more easily.