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-This packages behaves a bit wierdly inside Scratchbox 1, by design.
-When building it with dpkg-buildpackage or equivalent, it will disable
-all devkits and adjust PATH. This means that almost all build
-dependencies will come from your installed packages, and not from
-Scratchbox or the configured devkits.
-Since some of our packages do not work with Scratchboxes fakeroot
-(because the latter is too old), you should use the targets fakeroot
-You can disable this behavior by setting SBOX_DONT_SANITIZE in the
-When this package is build in a certain buildbot, it will go further
-and permantly change the Scratchbox target. This should not happen to
-anyone but the buildbot, but there is a chance it will happen to you
-by accident.
-The buildbot is recognized via the $USER environment variable. If it
-matches "bifh[0-9]", the permanent changes will be done.
-The permanent changes mostly consist of running apt-get dist-upgrade
-and making sure that the targets fakeroot is used.
-This weirdness is brought to you by: