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+Libpng 1.5.1 - February 3, 2011
+This is a public release of libpng, intended for use in production codes.
+Files available for download:
+Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux) and with a
+"configure" script
+ libpng-1.5.1.tar.xz (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
+ libpng-1.5.1.tar.gz
+ libpng-1.5.1.tar.bz2
+Source files with CRLF line endings (for Windows), without the
+"configure" script
+ lpng151.7z (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
+Other information:
+ libpng-1.5.1-README.txt
+ libpng-1.5.1-LICENSE.txt
+Changes since the last public release (1.5.0):
+ Added description of png_set_crc_action() to the manual.
+ Added a note in the manual that the type of the iCCP profile was changed
+ from png_charpp to png_bytepp in png_get_iCCP(). Similarly,
+ it was changed from png_charpp to png_const_bytepp in png_set_iCCP().
+ Ensure that png_rgb_to_gray ignores palette mapped images, if libpng
+ internally happens to call it with one.
+ Fixed the failure to handle palette mapped images correctly.
+ Fixed a bug in handling of interlaced images (bero at
+ Updated CMakeLists.txt (Clifford Yapp)
+ Fixed typecasting of some png_debug() statements (Cosmin)
+ Updated documentation of png_set|get_tRNS() (Thomas Klausner).
+ Mentioned in the documentation that applications must #include "zlib.h"
+ if they need access to anything in zlib.h, and that a number of
+ macros such as png_memset() are no longer accessible by applications.
+ Corrected pngvalid gamma test "sample" function to access all of the color
+ samples of each pixel, instead of sampling the red channel three times.
+ Changed variable names index, div, exp, and gamma to char_index, divisor,
+ exp_b10, and gamma_val, respectively, to avoid "shadow" warnings.
+ Prevent png_push_crc_skip() from hanging while reading an unknown chunk
+ or an over-large compressed zTXt chunk with the progressive reader.
+ Eliminated more GCC "shadow" warnings.
+ Revised png_fixed() in png.c to avoid compiler warning about reaching the
+ end without returning anything.
+ In the manual, describe the png_get_IHDR() arguments in the correct order.
+ Added const_png_structp and const_png_infop types, and used them in
+ prototypes for most png_get_*() functions.
+ Added png_get_io_chunk_type() and deprecated png_get_io_chunk_name()
+ Added synopses for the IO_STATE functions and other missing synopses
+ to the manual. Removed the synopses from libpngpf.3 because they
+ were out of date and no longer useful. Better information can be
+ obtained by reading the prototypes and comments in pngpriv.h
+ Attempted to fix cpp on Solaris with S. Studio 12 cc, fix build
+ Added a make macro DFNCPP that is a CPP that will accept the tokens in
+ a .dfn file and adds configure stuff to test for such a CPP. ./configure
+ should fail if one is not available.
+ Corrected const_png_ in png.h to png_const_ to avoid polluting the namespace.
+ Added png_get_current_row_number and png_get_current_pass_number for the
+ benefit of the user transform callback.
+ Added png_process_data_pause and png_process_data_skip for the benefit of
+ progressive readers that need to stop data processing or want to optimize
+ skipping of unread data (e.g. if the reader marks a chunk to be skipped.)
+ Enhanced pngvalid, corrected an error in gray_to_rgb, corrected doc error.
+ pngvalid contains tests of transforms, which tests are currently disabled
+ because they are incompletely tested. gray_to_rgb was failing to expand
+ the bit depth for smaller bit depth images; this seems to be a long
+ standing error and resulted, apparently, in invalid output. The
+ documentation did not accurately describe what libpng really does when
+ converting RGB to gray.
+ Fixed incorrect examples of callback prototypes in the manual, that were
+ introduced in libpng-1.0.0.
+ In addition the order of the png_get_uint macros with respect to the
+ relevant function definitions has been reversed. This helps the
+ preprocessing of the symbol files be more robust. Furthermore, the
+ symbol file preprocessing now uses -DPNG_NO_USE_READ_MACROS even when
+ the library may actually be built with PNG_USE_READ_MACROS; this stops
+ the read macros interfering with the symbol file format.
+ Made the manual, synopses, and function prototypes use the function
+ argument names file_gamma, int_file_gamma, and srgb_intent consistently.
+ Changed PNG_UNUSED from "param=param;" to "(void)param;".
+ Added transform tests to pngvalid and simplified the arguments.
+ Added a request in the manual that applications do not use "png_" or
+ "PNG_" to begin any of their own symbols.
+Send comments/corrections/commendations to png-mng-implement at
+(subscription required; visit
+to subscribe) or to glennrp at
+Glenn R-P