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+CMakeLists.txt cmake build file
+ChangeLog history of changes
+FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about zlib
+INDEX this file
+Makefile dummy Makefile that tells you to ./configure template for Unix Makefile
+README guess what
+configure configure script for Unix makefile for VMS
+treebuild.xml XML description of source file dependencies
+zconf.h.cmakein zconf.h template for cmake zconf.h template for configure
+zlib.3 Man page for zlib
+zlib.3.pdf Man page in PDF format Linux symbol information Template for pkg-config descriptor
+zlib2ansi perl script to convert source files for C++ compilation
+amiga/ makefiles for Amiga SAS C
+doc/ documentation for formats and algorithms
+msdos/ makefiles for MSDOS
+nintendods/ makefile for Nintendo DS
+old/ makefiles for various architectures and zlib documentation
+ files that have not yet been updated for zlib 1.2.x
+qnx/ makefiles for QNX
+watcom/ makefiles for OpenWatcom
+win32/ makefiles for Windows
+ zlib public header files (required for library use):
+ private source files used to build the zlib library:
+ source files for sample programs:
+See examples/README.examples for more
+ unsupported contribution by third parties
+See contrib/README.contrib