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(keyboard shortcut) is a child of the relevant window, so when the
user closes that window, the shortcut is deleted too.
- \l QQuickItem, the basic visual element of the QtQuick module, inherits
+ \l QQuickItem, the basic visual element of the Qt Quick module, inherits
from QObject, but has a concept of the \e {visual parent} which
differs from that of the \e {QObject parent}. An item's visual parent
may not necessarily be the same as its object parent. See
\l {Concepts - Visual Parent in Qt Quick} for more details.
- \l QWidget, the fundamental class of the QtWidgets module,
+ \l QWidget, the fundamental class of the Qt Widgets module,
extends the parent-child relationship. A child normally also becomes a
child widget, i.e. it is displayed in its parent's coordinate system
and is graphically clipped by its parent's boundaries. For example,