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Because QDate is user-defined, you must include the \c{<QDate>}
header file with the property declaration.
- For QMap, QList, and QValueList properties, the property value is
- a QVariant whose value is the entire list or map. Note that the
- Q_PROPERTY string cannot contain commas, because commas separate
- macro arguments. Therefore, you must use \c QMap as the property
- type instead of \c QMap<QString,QVariant>. For consistency, also
- use \c QList and \c QValueList instead of \c QList<QVariant> and
- \c QValueList<QVariant>.
+ For historical reasons, \a QMap and \a QList as property types
+ are synonym of \a QVariantMap and \a QVariantList.
\section1 Reading and Writing Properties with the Meta-Object System