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Here's an example \c .qrc file:
- \quotefile mainwindows/application/application.qrc
+ \quotefile resource-system/application.qrc
The resource files listed in the \c .qrc file are files that are
part of the application's source tree. The specified paths are
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mentioned in the application's \c .pro file so that \c qmake knows
about it. For example:
- \snippet mainwindows/application/ 0
+ \snippet resource-system/ 0
\c qmake will produce make rules to generate a file called \c
qrc_application.cpp that is linked into the application. This
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pass a resource path instead of a file name to the QIcon, QImage,
or QPixmap constructor:
- \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 21
+ \snippet resource-system/mainwindow.cpp 21
See the \l{mainwindows/application}{Application} example for an
actual application that uses Qt's resource system to store its