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to mouse events instead. This attribute is enabled
by default. This value has been added in Qt 5.7.
+ \value AA_CompressHighFrequencyEvents Enables compression of certain frequent events.
+ On the X11 windowing system, the default value is true, which means that
+ QEvent::MouseMove, QEvent::TouchUpdate, and changes in window size and
+ position will be combined whenever they occur more frequently than the
+ application handles them, so that they don't accumulate and overwhelm the
+ application later. On other platforms, the default is false.
+ (In the future, the compression feature may be implemented across platforms.)
+ You can test the attribute to see whether compression is enabled.
+ If your application needs to handle all events with no compression,
+ you can unset this attribute. This value has been added in Qt 5.7.
\value AA_DontCheckOpenGLContextThreadAffinity When making a context
current using QOpenGLContext, do not check that the
\l{QObject#Thread Affinity}{QObject thread affinity}