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\value WA_TouchPadAcceptSingleTouchEvents Allows touchpad single
touch events to be sent to the widget.
- \value WA_MergeSoftkeys Allows widget to merge softkeys with parent widget,
- i.e. widget can set only one softkeys and request softkey implementation
- to take rest of the softkeys from the parent. Note parents are traversed until
- WA_MergeSoftkeys is not set. See also Qt::WA_MergeSoftkeysRecursively
- This attribute currently has effect only on Symbian platforms
- \value WA_MergeSoftkeysRecursively Allows widget to merge softkeys recursively
- with all parents. If this attribute is set, the widget parents are traversed until
- window boundary (widget without parent or dialog) is found.
- This attribute currently has effect only on Symbian platforms
\value WA_X11DoNotAcceptFocus Asks the window manager to not give focus
to this top level window. This attribute has no effect on non-X11
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\value WindowCancelButtonHint Adds a Cancel button to the window decoration of a dialog.
Only supported for Windows CE.
- \value WindowSoftkeysVisibleHint Makes softkeys visible when widget is fullscreen.
- Only supported for Symbian.
- \value WindowSoftkeysRespondHint Makes softkeys to receive key events even
- when invisible. With this hint the softkey actions are triggered
- even the softkeys are invisible i.e. the window is displayed with
- \c showFullscreen(). Only supported for Symbian.
\value WindowTransparentForInput Informs the window system that this window
is used only for output (displaying something) and does not take input.
Therefore input events should pass through as if it wasn't there.