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@@ -81,27 +81,11 @@ QFileSelectorPrivate::QFileSelectorPrivate()
Consider the following example usage, where you want to use different settings files on
different locales. You might select code between locales like this:
- \code
- QString defaultsBasePath = "data/";
- QString defaultsPath = defaultsBasePath + "defaults.conf";
- QString localizedPath = defaultsBasePath
- + QString("%1/defaults.conf").arg(QLocale().name());
- if (QFile::exists(localizedPath))
- defaultsPath = localizedPath;
- QFile defaults(defaultsPath);
- \endcode
+ \snippet code/src_corelib_io_qfileselector.cpp 0
Similarly, if you want to pick a different data file based on target platform,
your code might look something like this:
- \code
- QString defaultsPath = "data/defaults.conf";
-#if defined(Q_OS_ANDROID)
- defaultsPath = "data/android/defaults.conf";
-#elif defined(Q_OS_IOS)
- defaultsPath = "data/ios/defaults.conf";
- QFile defaults(defaultsPath);
- \endcode
+ \snippet code/src_corelib_io_qfileselector.cpp 1
QFileSelector provides a convenient alternative to writing such boilerplate code, and in the
latter case it allows you to start using an platform-specific configuration without a recompile.
@@ -109,27 +93,17 @@ QFileSelectorPrivate::QFileSelectorPrivate()
selecting a different file only on certain combinations of platform and locale. For example, to
select based on platform and/or locale, the code is as follows:
- \code
- QFileSelector selector;
- QFile defaultsFile("data/defaults.conf"));
- \endcode
+ \snippet code/src_corelib_io_qfileselector.cpp 2
The files to be selected are placed in directories named with a \c'+' and a selector name. In the above
example you could have the platform configurations selected by placing them in the following locations:
- \code
- data/defaults.conf
- data/+android/defaults.conf
- data/+ios/+en_GB/defaults.conf
- \endcode
+ \snippet code/src_corelib_io_qfileselector.cpp 3
To find selected files, QFileSelector looks in the same directory as the base file. If there are
any directories of the form +<selector> with an active selector, QFileSelector will prefer a file
with the same file name from that directory over the base file. These directories can be nested to
check against multiple selectors, for example:
- \code
- images/background.png
- images/+android/+en_GB/background.png
- \endcode
+ \snippet code/src_corelib_io_qfileselector.cpp 4
With those files available, you would select a different file on the android platform,
but only if the locale was en_GB.
@@ -178,13 +152,7 @@ QFileSelectorPrivate::QFileSelectorPrivate()
credentials. The example is sorted so that the lowest matching file would be chosen if all
selectors were present:
- \code
- images/background.png
- images/+linux/background.png
- images/+windows/background.png
- images/+admin/background.png
- images/+admin/+linux/background.png
- \endcode
+ \snippet code/src_corelib_io_qfileselector.cpp 5
Because extra selectors are checked before platform the \c{+admin/background.png} will be chosen
on Windows when the admin selector is set, and \c{+windows/background.png} will be chosen on