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@@ -74,6 +74,20 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
conversions. This implies that converting to a type that is not stored in the value will return a default
constructed return value.
+ \section1 QJsonValueRef
+ QJsonValueRef is a helper class for QJsonArray and QJsonObject.
+ When you get an object of type QJsonValueRef, you can
+ use it as if it were a reference to a QJsonValue. If you assign to it,
+ the assignment will apply to the element in the QJsonArray or QJsonObject
+ from which you got the reference.
+ The following methods return QJsonValueRef:
+ \list
+ \li \l {QJsonArray}::operator[](int i)
+ \li \l {QJsonObject}::operator[](const QString & key) const
+ \endlist
\sa {JSON Support in Qt}, {JSON Save Game Example}
@@ -416,13 +430,13 @@ QJsonValue QJsonValue::fromVariant(const QVariant &variant)
The QJsonValue types will be converted as follows:
- \value Null {QVariant::}{QVariant()}
+ \value Null \l {QVariant::}{QVariant()}
\value Bool QMetaType::Bool
\value Double QMetaType::Double
\value String QString
\value Array QVariantList
\value Object QVariantMap
- \value Undefined {QVariant::}{QVariant()}
+ \value Undefined \l {QVariant::}{QVariant()}
\sa fromVariant()