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The delayed reply itself is requested from Qt D-Bus by calling
QDBusMessage::reply() on the original message. It then becomes the
- resposibility of the called code to eventually send a reply to the
+ responsibility of the called code to eventually send a reply to the
\warning When a caller places a method call and waits for a reply, it will
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+The command is defined in the \c DBus component of the \c Qt6 package. Load the package with:
+find_package(Qt6 COMPONENTS DBus REQUIRED)
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+\group cmake-commands-qtdbus
+\title CMake Commands in Qt6 DBus
+The following CMake commands are defined when Qt6::DBus is loaded, for instance
+find_package(Qt6 COMPONENTS DBus REQUIRED)
+\sa{CMake Command Reference}
\page qtdbus-cmake-qt-add-dbus-interface.html
\ingroup cmake-commands-qtdbus
\title qt_add_dbus_interface
\target qt6_add_dbus_interface
-\brief Generates C++ sources implementing an interface for a D-Bus interface
-description file.
+\summary {Generates C++ sources implementing an interface for a D-Bus interface
+description file.}
+\include cmake-find-package-dbus.qdocinc
\section1 Synopsis
@@ -94,10 +110,12 @@ Options can be set using \c set_source_file_property on the \c dbus_spec:
\ingroup cmake-commands-qtdbus
\title qt_add_dbus_interfaces
-\target qt6_add_dbus_interface
+\target qt6_add_dbus_interfaces
-\brief Generates C++ sources implementing interfaces for D-Bus interface
-description files.
+\summary {Generates C++ sources implementing interfaces for D-Bus interface
+description files.}
+\include cmake-find-package-dbus.qdocinc
\section1 Synopsis
@@ -153,7 +171,9 @@ arguments:
\title qt_generate_dbus_interface
\target qt6_generate_dbus_interface
-\brief Generates a D-Bus interface from a header file.
+\summary {Generates a D-Bus interface from a header file.}
+\include cmake-find-package-dbus.qdocinc
\section1 Synopsis
@@ -188,7 +208,9 @@ arguments to the tool can be set after \c{OPTIONS}.
\title qt_add_dbus_adaptor
\target qt6_add_dbus_adaptor
-\brief Generates an adaptor class for a D-Bus interface.
+\summary {Generates an adaptor class for a D-Bus interface.}
+\include cmake-find-package-dbus.qdocinc
\section1 Synopsis
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\li \l{The Qt D-Bus Type System}
\li \l{Qt D-Bus XML compiler (qdbusxml2cpp)}
\li \l{Qt D-Bus C++ Classes}
+ \li \l{CMake Commands in Qt6 DBus}
\li \l{Qt D-Bus Examples}
\li \l{D-Bus Viewer}