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@@ -73,11 +73,11 @@ void QDBusSignature::doCheck()
A D-Bus function that takes an integer, a D-Bus variant and a string as parameters
can be called with the following argument list (see QDBusMessage::setArguments()):
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/qdbusextratypes/qdbusextratypes.cpp 0
+ \snippet qdbusextratypes/qdbusextratypes.cpp 0
When a D-Bus function returns a D-Bus variant, it can be retrieved as follows:
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/qdbusextratypes/qdbusextratypes.cpp 1
+ \snippet qdbusextratypes/qdbusextratypes.cpp 1
The QVariant within a QDBusVariant is required to distinguish between a normal
D-Bus value and a value within a D-Bus variant.