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@@ -1418,10 +1418,8 @@ QPixmap QPixmap::transformed(const QMatrix &matrix, Qt::TransformationMode mode)
QPixmap using the fromImage(). If this is too expensive an
operation, you can use QBitmap::fromImage() instead.
- The QPixmap class also supports conversion to and from HICON:
- the toWinHICON() function creates a HICON equivalent to the
- QPixmap, and returns the HICON handle. The fromWinHICON()
- function returns a QPixmap that is equivalent to the given icon.
+ To convert a QPixmap to and from HICON you can use the QtWinExtras
+ functions QtWin::toHICON() and QtWin::fromHICON() respectively.
\section1 Pixmap Transformations