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@@ -570,6 +570,15 @@ static QWindowGeometrySpecification windowGeometrySpecification = Q_WINDOW_GEOME
\li \c {dialogs=[xp|none]}, \c xp uses XP-style native dialogs and
\c none disables them.
\li \c {fontengine=freetype}, uses the FreeType font engine.
+ \li \c {menus=[native|none]}, controls the use of native menus.
+ Native menus are implemented using Win32 API and are simpler than
+ QMenu-based menus in for example that they do allow for placing
+ widgets on them or changing properties like fonts and do not
+ provide hover signals. They are mainly intended for Qt Quick.
+ By default, they will be used if the application is not an
+ instance of QApplication or for Qt Quick Controls 2
+ applications.
For more information about the platform-specific arguments available for