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Reimplement in subclass to return the image format which corresponds to the screen format
+ \class QPlatformScreenPageFlipper
+ \since 5.0
+ \internal
+ \preliminary
+ \ingroup qpa
+ \brief The QPlatformScreenPageFlipper class provides an abstract interface for display buffer swapping
+ Implement the displayBuffer() function to initiate a buffer swap. The
+ bufferDisplayed() signal should be emitted once the buffer is actually displayed on
+ the screen. The bufferReleased() signal should be emitted when the buffer data is no
+ longer owned by the display hardware.
+/*! \fn bool QPlatformScreenPageFlipper::displayBuffer(void *bufferHandle)
+Implemented in subclasses to display the buffer referenced by \a bufferHandle directly on
+the screen. Returns \c true if it is possible to display the buffer, and \c false if the
+buffer cannot be displayed.
+If this function returns true, the buffer must not be modified or destroyed before the
+bufferReleased() signal is emitted. The signal bufferDisplayed() is emitted when the buffer
+is displayed on the screen. The two signals may be emitted in either order.
+This function is allowed to block.
+ Implemented in subclasses to return a page flipper object for the screen, or 0 if the
+ hardware does not support page flipping. The default implementation returns 0.
+ */
+QPlatformScreenPageFlipper *QPlatformScreen::pageFlipper() const
+ return 0;