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\li Mouse grab: Qt expects windows to automatically grab the mouse if the user presses
a button until the button is released.
Automatic grab should be released if some window is explicitly grabbed.
- \li Enter/Leave events: Enter and leave events should be sent independently of
- explicit mouse grabs (\c{setMouseGrabEnabled()}). That is, if the mouse leaves
- a window that has explicit mouse grab, a leave event should be sent and other
- windows should get enter/leave events as well as the mouse traverses them.
- For automatic mouse grab, however, a leave event should be sent when the
- button is released.
+ \li Enter/Leave events: If there is a window explicitly grabbing mouse events
+ (\c{setMouseGrabEnabled()}), enter and leave events should only be sent to the
+ grabbing window when mouse cursor passes over the grabbing window boundary.
+ Other windows will not receive enter or leave events while the grab is active.
+ While an automatic mouse grab caused by a mouse button press is active, no window
+ will receive enter or leave events. When the last mouse button is released, the
+ autograbbing window will receive leave event if mouse cursor is no longer within
+ the window boundary.
+ When any grab starts, the window under cursor will receive a leave event unless
+ it is the grabbing window.
+ When any grab ends, the window under cursor will receive an enter event unless it
+ was the grabbing window.
\li Window positioning: When calling \c{QWindow::setFramePos()}, the flag
\c{QWindowPrivate::positionPolicy} is set to \c{QWindowPrivate::WindowFrameInclusive}.
This means the position includes the window frame, whose size is at this point