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@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ QFont QTextItem::font() const
provided is the raster paint engine, which contains a software
rasterizer which supports the full feature set on all supported platforms.
This is the default for painting on QWidget-based classes in e.g. on Windows,
- X11 and OS X, it is the backend for painting on QImage and it is
+ X11 and \macos, it is the backend for painting on QImage and it is
used as a fallback for paint engines that do not support a certain
capability. In addition we provide QPaintEngine implementations for
OpenGL (accessible through QGLWidget) and printing (which allows using
@@ -372,8 +372,8 @@ void QPaintEngine::drawPolygon(const QPoint *points, int pointCount, PolygonDraw
\value X11
\value Windows
\value MacPrinter
- \value CoreGraphics OS X's Quartz2D (CoreGraphics)
- \value QuickDraw OS X's QuickDraw
+ \value CoreGraphics \macos's Quartz2D (CoreGraphics)
+ \value QuickDraw \macos's QuickDraw
\value QWindowSystem Qt for Embedded Linux
\value PostScript (No longer supported)
\value OpenGL