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@@ -496,14 +496,13 @@ static QWindowGeometrySpecification windowGeometrySpecification;
\li \c {-qwindowgeometry} \e geometry, specifies window geometry for
the main window using the X11-syntax. For example:
\c {-qwindowgeometry 100x100+50+50}
+ \li \c {-qwindowtitle}, sets the title of the first window
\li \c{-reverse}, sets the application's layout direction to
Qt::RightToLeft. This option is intended to aid debugging and should
not be used in production. The default value is automatically detected
from the user's locale (see also QLocale::textDirection()).
\li \c{-session} \e session, restores the application from an earlier
\l{Session Management}{session}.
- \li -qwindowgeometry, sets the geometry of the first window
- \li -qwindowtitle, sets the title of the first window
The following standard command line options are available for X11: