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@@ -979,6 +979,26 @@ QList<QSslError> QSslCertificate::verify(QList<QSslCertificate> certificateChain
return QSslSocketBackendPrivate::verify(certificateChain, hostName);
+ \since 5.4
+ Imports a PKCS#12 (pfx) file from the specified \a device. A PKCS#12
+ file is a bundle that can contain a number of certificates and keys.
+ This method reads a single \a key, its \a certificate and any
+ associated \a caCertificates from the bundle. If a \a passPhrase is
+ specified then this will be used to decrypt the bundle. Returns
+ \c true if the PKCS#12 file was successfully loaded.
+ \note The \a device must be open and ready to be read from.
+ */
+bool QSslCertificate::importPKCS12(QIODevice *device,
+ QSslKey *key, QSslCertificate *certificate,
+ QList<QSslCertificate> *caCertificates,
+ const QByteArray &passPhrase)
+ return QSslSocketBackendPrivate::importPKCS12(device, key, certificate, caCertificates, passPhrase);
void QSslCertificatePrivate::init(const QByteArray &data, QSsl::EncodingFormat format)
if (!data.isEmpty()) {