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multibyte enabled PostgreSQL server can be found in the PostgreSQL
Administrator Guide, Chapter 5.
+ \section3 QPSQL Case Sensitivity
+ PostgreSQL databases will only respect case sensitivity if the table or field
+ name is quoted when the table is created. So for example, a SQL query such
+ as:
+ \snippet code/doc_src_sql-driver.qdoc 39
+ will ensure that it can be accessed with the same case that was used. If the
+ table or field name is not quoted when created, the actual table name
+ or field name will be lower-case. When QSqlDatabase::record() or
+ QSqlDatabase::primaryIndex() access a table or field that was unquoted
+ when created, the name passed to the function must be lower-case to
+ ensure it is found. For example:
+ \snippet code/doc_src_sql-driver.qdoc 40
\section3 QPSQL BLOB Support
Binary Large Objects are supported through the \c BYTEA field type in