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dynamically by Qt.
Writing a SQL plugin is achieved by subclassing this base class,
- reimplementing the pure virtual functions keys() and create(), and
- exporting the class with the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2() macro. See the SQL
+ reimplementing the pure virtual function create(), and
+ exporting the class with the Q_PLUGIN_METADATA() macro. See the SQL
plugins that come with Qt for example implementations (in the
\c{plugins/src/sqldrivers} subdirectory of the source
- \sa {How to Create Qt Plugins}
- \fn QStringList QSqlDriverPlugin::keys() const
- Returns the list of drivers (keys) this plugin supports.
+ The json file containing the metadata for the plugin contains a list of
+ keys indicating the supported sql drivers
- These keys are usually the class names of the custom drivers that
- are implemented in the plugin.
+ \code
+ { "Keys": [ "mysqldriver" ] }
+ \endcode
- \sa create()
+ \sa {How to Create Qt Plugins}