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to use for the programmer. Do the operation in a loop, call \l setValue() at
intervals, and check for cancellation with wasCanceled(). For example:
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/dialogs/dialogs.cpp 3
+ \snippet dialogs/dialogs.cpp 3
A modeless progress dialog is suitable for operations that take
place in the background, where the user is able to interact with the
@@ -257,11 +257,11 @@ void QProgressDialogPrivate::_q_disconnectOnClose()
canceled() signal to a slot that stops the operation, and call \l
setValue() at intervals. For example:
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/dialogs/dialogs.cpp 4
+ \snippet dialogs/dialogs.cpp 4
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/dialogs/dialogs.cpp 5
+ \snippet dialogs/dialogs.cpp 5
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/dialogs/dialogs.cpp 6
+ \snippet dialogs/dialogs.cpp 6
In both modes the progress dialog may be customized by
replacing the child widgets with custom widgets by using setLabel(),