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@@ -81,9 +81,8 @@ static QString qt_strippedText(QString s)
QActionPrivate::QActionPrivate() : group(0), enabled(1), forceDisabled(0),
visible(1), forceInvisible(0), checkable(0), checked(0), separator(0), fontSet(false),
- forceEnabledInSoftkeys(false), menuActionSoftkeys(false),
- menuRole(QAction::TextHeuristicRole), softKeyRole(QAction::NoSoftKey),
+ menuRole(QAction::TextHeuristicRole),
@@ -280,27 +279,7 @@ void QActionPrivate::setShortcutEnabled(bool enable, QShortcutMap &map)
File menu in your menubar and the File menu has a submenu, setting the
MenuRole for the actions in that submenu have no effect. They will never be moved.
-#ifndef qdoc
-/*! \since 4.6
- \enum QAction::SoftKeyRole
- This enum describes how an action should be placed in the softkey bar. Currently this enum only
- has an effect on the Symbian platform.
- \value NoSoftKey This action should not be used as a softkey
- \value PositiveSoftKey This action is used to describe a softkey with a positive or non-destructive
- role such as Ok, Select, or Options.
- \value NegativeSoftKey This action is used to describe a soft ey with a negative or destructive role
- role such as Cancel, Discard, or Close.
- \value SelectSoftKey This action is used to describe a role that selects a particular item or widget
- in the application.
- Actions with a softkey role defined are only visible in the softkey bar when the widget containing
- the action has focus. If no widget currently has focus, the softkey framework will traverse up the
- widget parent hierarchy looking for a widget containing softkey actions.
- */
Constructs an action with \a parent. If \a parent is an action
group the action will be automatically inserted into the group.
@@ -1287,34 +1266,6 @@ QAction::MenuRole QAction::menuRole() const
return d->menuRole;
-#ifndef qdoc
- \property QAction::softKeyRole
- \brief the action's softkey role
- \since 4.6
- This indicates what type of role this action describes in the softkey framework
- on platforms where such a framework is supported. Currently this is only
- supported on the Symbian platform.
- The softkey role can be changed any time.
-void QAction::setSoftKeyRole(SoftKeyRole softKeyRole)
- Q_D(QAction);
- if (d->softKeyRole == softKeyRole)
- return;
- d->softKeyRole = softKeyRole;
- d->sendDataChanged();
-QAction::SoftKeyRole QAction::softKeyRole() const
- Q_D(const QAction);
- return d->softKeyRole;
\property QAction::iconVisibleInMenu
\brief Whether or not an action should show an icon in a menu